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Unsolicited Ideas Submission Policy

Are you an inventor who has a toy idea?  We are open to submissions and have worked with numerous independent inventors on toy ideas. We require all inventors wishing to submit a toy idea to 3 Bees & Me to review the Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

What To Do 

Print, sign and return the 3 Bees & Me Idea Submission Form below along with your sales sheet or product idea(s).  The submission form may be scanned in or you can take a photo of the completed Submission Form with your phone.

Email the form andyour idea(s) to:  UnsolicitedIdeas @ (without the spaces).  The email subject line MUST be: Unsolicited Toy Idea for 3 Bees and Me.  If this subject line is not present your idea may not be seen.  

Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

The purpose of this Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy is to prevent misunderstandings related to ownership of ideas and work product. Prior to submitting ideas to 3 Bees & Me, we encourage Inventors to file for patent protection of any original ideas. Information on patenting ideas can be obtained from the United States Patent and Trademark Office at Their publication “The Inventor’s Eye” is targeted towards independent inventors and can be accessed at

3 Bees & Me and its employees make no guarantees that unsolicited ideas will be considered.  We review all ideas submitted to us, but cannot consider ideas related to product plans we are already pursuing or are considering. 3 Bees & Me cannot agree to maintain confidentiality of idea submissions.

Please restrict idea submissions to novel patentable product ideas, as we also cannot consider ideas concerning our marketing or business policies.

Should you choose to submit product ideas to 3 Bees & Me, please print, read, and sign the 3 Bees & Me Idea Submission Form.  Completing, signing and sending this Form to 3 Bees & Me indicates that you understand and agree to the conditions it sets forth. 3 Bees & Me cannot consider your idea submission if any part of this form is incomplete.

Please keep a copy of this signed and completed form for your records.

3 Bees & Me Idea Submission Form

I, The Inventor, agree to the following:

  1. No condition of confidentiality, expressed or implied, exists based on the receipt or consideration of this idea submission;
  2. No claim to 3 Bees & Me’s existing ideas, product plans, and/or inventions can be made by the Inventor, regardless of apparent similarity to 3 Bees & Me’s existing toys, product plans, and/or inventions. If submitted ideas appear similar to 3 Bees & Me’s existing ideas or intentions, 3 Bees & Me is under no obligation to share its ideas or intentions.
  3. With the exception of applicable patent, copyright, and trademark laws, and in the absence of a signed agreement to the contrary, 3 Bees & Me can disclose information contained in this submission without compensation to the inventor.
  4. 3 Bees & Me is not obligated to return idea submissions and accompanying materials to the Inventor. The Inventor is responsible for maintaining his or her own records related to this idea submission.
  5. While this idea is being considered by 3 Bees & Me, the Inventor will not mention 3 Bees & Me’s name or interest in the idea without first obtaining permission from 3 Bees & Me.
  6. Inventor attests to the fact that he or she is the sole originator of this idea, and that submitting this idea to 3 Bees & Me does not violate any agreements with other interested parties. If a breach of such an agreement arises, the Inventor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless 3 Bees & Me and its employees and representatives from claims arising from such a breach, regardless of whether the claims are without merit.
  7. 3 Bees & Me is granted the freedom to respond to this submission at its discretion.
  8. If 3 Bees & Me indicates interest in this idea submission, 3 Bees & Me is granted the right of first refusal to use the idea.
  9. Any additional ideas voluntarily submitted by the inventor to 3 Bees & Me in the future will be subject to these same agreements agreed to in this Idea Submission Form unless a separate submission document is signed and agreed to by both parties.


Please provide a name and description of your concept here. If you need more space, please attach additional pages to this document.  


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Inventor Printed Name:


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Please contact us via our Contact Us form prior to sending this Form.