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How To Babysit A Toddler: Give Them Your Full Attention

Toddler Care

How To Babysit A Toddler

How To Babysit A Toddler

Perhaps you stumbled upon this page, not as a parent, but as a care giver of a toddler. Maybe it is your first time caring for a little one and you are wondering, “how to babysit a toddler.” This is not an uncommon question, because if you do not currently have children of your own, you may not know all the DOs and DON’ts of babysitting. However, it is important that you educate your self before caring for a toddler, as you want to provide a healthy experience for them, as well as you.

Babysitting DO’s

  • DO pick up after yourself and the toddler once play time is over. You want the parents to arrive home to a clean environment, as this will encourage them to seek your services again. No parent wants to arrive home to a messy house.
  • DO look as presentable as possible when taking care of a toddler. You never want to show up at your babysitting gig with inappropriate clothing on, or looking scary with overly done makeup. If the child is scare of you, then it will not be a pleasant night for either of you.
  • DO have a very positive attitude when parents call to check on their toddler, as well as when caring for the child. You never want to cause more stress by adding negativity to the situation. Therefore, be reassuring to the child and the parents that you have everything under control.
  • DO play games or toys with the toddler, and encourage them to have fun while their parents are away. This is an uncomfortable situation for many young kids, as their parents are their comfort. Therefore, you want to do everything you can to ensure the toddler enjoys spending time with you, as this will decrease the stress that they may feel.
  • DO make the parent aware of any situations that may arise while taking care of their child. You never want to hide anything from a parent, as this could cause suspicion. Therefore, tell them about any bad behavior or other situations that may have come up during the evening.
  • DO stick to the routine that the parent gives you, as children are used to a routine. If you have issues arise while carrying out their child's routine, try to stick to them as closely as you can. Bedtime is important, so this may me reading them some books or watching a movie with them until they fall asleep.

Babysitting Don’ts

  • DO NOT make a bunch of phone calls when taking care of a toddler. This will distract you from caring for them, and anything can happen within an instance. Therefore, your full attention needs to be given to the child that you are caring for.
  • DO NOT go rummaging through the parents personal property or eating food without their permission. If the parents invite you to help yourself to what ever is in the fridge, then you are welcome to do so, but if you do it without them telling you, then it could be an issue.
  • DO NOT invite people to the home while you are babysitting, as this will also distract you from properly caring for the toddler. You was given the job to care for their child, and that is exactly what needs to happen.
  • DO NOT try to handle a stressful situation yourself. If a child or pet gets sick while you are in their home, then you need to call them right away, so that the proper care can be given.

There are lots of other DOs and DON’ts when it comes to answering your question about how to babysit a toddler. The best thing you can do is follow all the rules that the parents go over with you, and ensure the toddler has your undivided attention the entire night. This is about caring for them, and if you never lose site of that, then you will efficiently care for a toddler.

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